Company Objectives

Renelle Security and cleaning objectives  for the first three years of operation include:

  • To ensure competitive and market related prices, without compromising our service standard or quality.
  • To provide a diverse range of uniquely clustered, yet personalized cleaning and security services to our Clients. Our customers shall continue to benefit from our progress, growing concepts and expertise that will provide “piece of mind” on securing and maintaining cleanliness of all their business and personal assets.
  • To ensure all our staff are fully empowered and equipped to provide service excellence. Continuous and relevant staff training shall range from basic education and skills to management levels.
  • To ensure exceptional cleaning and security service delivery and customer satisfaction. Our customer becomes an integral associate and value partner of our business.
  • Establish our company as the premier provider of security and cleaning services to our target market.
  • Develop a service standard by which all industry firms will be measured.
  • Become a leading local brand of preference.
  • To develop, train and empower the previously disadvantaged individuals.
  • To expand our company on an international Level as a well recognized Company and to compete with other leading companies in the industry.
  • High level of professionalism when rendering our services at all times.
  • Long term- Open a head office for the Renelle Security and Cleaning Services