About Us


Renelle Security and cleaning is a wholly black owned business.

It was established self reflection paper outline in 2018 and has offices in Johannesburg,Gauteng.

Renelle Security and cleaning is owned by two South African female partners Irene Phasiya and Stacey Phasiya whom after conducting lengthy market research about the security and cleaning industry formed the company .

We are registered with PSIRA(private security industry regulatory authority) and this shows transparency and ensures reliability for our clients and staff because the business abides by industry guidelines.

The company was formed to take advantage of the significant weaknesses and inadequacies in local, regional, and national security & cleaning  companies in terms of professionalism, quality, and customer satisfaction.

The companies primary target market will be the Private and public sector in Gauteng , with a focus market segment within our geographic area that will be on commercial facilities such as casinos,hotels,conference centers, outdoor events-(Themed and amusement parks),public assembly-(arenas, convention centers, museums and stadiums),Real estate, retail centers and shopping malls.

Renelle Security and Cleaning will capitalize on the significant weaknesses of our direct competitors to establish our  company as a market leader.